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La Roca

La Roca, only a short stroll from the Arizona border, is one of the finest culinary experiences in all of Mexico. At La Roca, you’ll savor classic Sonoran cuisine made with only the freshest produce from the fertile farms of the Sinaloa Valley, the freshest seafood from Guaymas and Los Mochis, and choice beef from the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

“Roca” in Spanish means rock. In the 1800’s the site that La Roca now occupies was opened as a boarding house and was built into the solid rock hillside. The once essential natural air conditioning and heating provided by La Roca today creates a warm, romantic ambiance for any occasion.
Enjoy sipping your favorite drink in La Roca’s convivial, cozy Bar, el Balcón. The Origin of the Margarita has been disputed in bars and hotels in towns throughout Mexico, but for those who are picky about Margarita’s, el Balcón at La Roca is where to go for the quintessential margarita experience.

Visit La Roca Friday through Sunday evenings and dine with delight to the traditional Spanish ballads of our strolling trovadors. Ask them to sing “Besame” or “Cuando Calienta el Sol”. They’ll sing them with such heart and soul, you’ll leave La Roca with memories for a lifetime.

Before or after dining at La Roca, browse el Changarro, located  below La Roca where you’ll find quality furniture, antiques, beautifully painted pottery and dishware, hand-woven place mats, ceremonial masks, and colorful rugs, specially selected by el Changarro from almost every state in Mexico. El Changarro is open Daily from 10am to 5pm. For more information please call: USA 520-313-6313 or visit