Oscar López Vucovich & Marcos Fco. Vucovich

Commodities Grown: Green bell peppers, Honey dew melon, Squash
1)    When did you know you wanted to be a farmer? I don’t think there was an exact moment when we made the decision to become farmers; it was more like this was our destiny from the time we were born.  Marcos and I are cousins and descendants of European immigrants who dedicated their lives to farming from the time they first arrived in Mexico in the early 20th century.  We are engaged in farming by example, education and traditions handed down to us by our fathers and grandfathers.  Marcos and I first became partners in 1975, when we rented a well in El Sahuaral.  We have since purchased that well and have worked and grown together.  We currently own five wells in El Sahuaral and one in the Guaymas valley.
2)    When did you actually start farming? We first began farming in 1975.
3)    What did you grow first? Wheat was our first commodity grown.
4)    What commodities have you grown over the years? Over the years we have grown wheat, cotton, corn, cantaloupes, honeydews, watermelon, squash and  bell peppers.
5)    What is your favorite commodity to grow? To eat? Our favorite commodity for growing is squash and for me, Oscar, my favorite for eating is cantaloupe.
6)    When you’re not farming/working, what do you like to do with your spare time? In my spare time I like to spend time with my family.
7)    How would you describe your farm to someone who has never seen it before? My farm is a place with lots of work and resources, with an atmosphere that can be less than friendly at times.  It is here that we have put forth all our efforts and a great part of our hope.
8)   What gives you the most satisfaction in farming? My greatest satisfaction in farming comes from seeing people look for our products at the stores.
9)   How long have you been farming and how long has farming been in your family? Marcos and I have been farming for 35 years and farming has been in our family since the early 20th century.
10)  Tell your story behind your favorite brand ‘label’ and why it was chosen. Our labels were created when we first began exporting vegetables to the United States.  We have two labels – VUCO and VIC.  Together they form Vucovich (spelled Vucovic in Croatian), the last name that Marcos and I share.
11)  If you could choose any other line of work what would that be and why? Given the choice, I would choose farming again.  I believe it is the best occupation.
12)  What are your favorite places to visit in Mexico and why? I like the Mexican beaches in general because I like the ocean.

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