Exotic in taste and texture, eggplants will quickly become the home chef’s new favorite fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) From classic dishes, to unusual sides, eggplant adds dimension to any cook’s repertoire. Wilson Produce grows beautiful eggplants for you to enjoy in dips, salads, in casseroles, or straight off the grill. Take a walk on the wild side and give an aubergine a try!

How we grow them:

It takes a Wilson Produce eggplant 60 days to grow from a seed to a flowering plant, and it takes another 40-50 days for an eggplant to go from a flower to a gorgeously ripe fruit on the stem. In order to protect eggplant’s delicate skin, Wilson Produce carefully handpicks and individually hand wraps each eggplant in paper right in the field.


Eggplant is best consumed one or two days from bringing it home from the store. Check out our Wilson family favorite recipes here and make your shopping list so you are ready to enjoy your eggplant at its freshest!

Recipes that use Eggplant

mamas eggplant 

A great appetizer from Mama Bon!

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Delicious with garlic & mint.

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