Sweet Mini Pepper Testimonials

Read what some of our favorite customers have said about our sweet mini peppers:


As I sit at my desk working and eating one of the last peppers in the bag, and trying to STOP and slow down so I don’t run out before I leave work….. I’m so glad to find a contact that I can ask about my new addiction…the Sweet Mini Peppers that come in the 2 lb bags that I purchase at Sam’s in Brandon, Fl. I’ve traveled as far as Orlando just for these peppers and had my friend go out of her way when she’s gone to Orlando just to pick these up for me!! AND I’ve never written any company for any reason before.

I discovered these sweet, low carb, healthy gems in December and have literally eaten one bag per DAY since then (am dieting and they are so low carb and so delicious, like apples I tell everyone, sweet, crunchy and just Good!).

- Rita

I absolutely love your sweet peppers. I am addicted. I use them with everything from stir fry to my salads. I always buy them at Sam’s Club because you get way more for your money. The only problem I have is that they don’t always have them. I can usually only find them there about every two months which means they have some alternative product which I refuse to buy because they do not come close to the great taste of your peppers.


Your sweet mini peppers- WOW YUMMY!!!


I had some of your mini sweet peppers in one of the Sam’s club vegetable trays recently and they were divine!!!

-Sherry N

…Delicious with a capital D!

-Bonnie S

Where can I buy sweet minipeppers on the East Coast? We absolutely love them, but have only been able to buy them at Costco and Walmart in the West.

-Joanne Y